This site is still in its infancy. I’ll add more info and resources over time. Until then please reach out if you have specific questions.


Hi there, my name is Mathias – nice to e-meet you!

I am a scientist working at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research: FMI in Basel, Switzerland. I have always been fascinated by neuronal networks, specifically how information is transferred between distant brain regions. I studied biology in Konstanz and neuroscience in Munich for my BSc and MSc. Realizing how limited our capabilities to interface with neurons were at that time, I started working on designing and characterizing light-gated proteins for neuronal activity control during my PhD with Ofer Yizhar at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

Since 2018 I am working with Andreas Lüthi, first as a postdoc and starting 2023 leading an independent research project on valence in decision-making as an SNSF Ambizione fellow.

I am a committee member of the Basel Postdoc Network, a really nice framework that tries to help increase the interaction of postdocs across the different universities, research institutes, and companies in Basel. We are currently organizing the 12th iteration of the annual meeting. If you are a postdoc in the Basel area, you should definitely check it out!


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